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How do I work?

My work focuses on empowering individuals in your team taking better choices for their businesses, products, designs.

By inspiring and informing them and unlocking their self-reflection.

I employ Design methodologies to discover the problem, analyse the root cause, explore solutions and implement change organically.

Bringing Responsible Design in your work,

we follow the path of learning:

Inspiration and imagination

Making digital professionals aware of the harms and providing inspiration for better choices.

Feeling the importance

Making digital professionals feel the importance and the impact of their choices via immersive and thought provoking workshops.


Helping the department identifying and prioritising the right Responsibility initiatives that fit the ambitions, skills and scope of the organization.

Learning and unlearning

Supporting individuals and teams developing new skills and unlearning harmful practices.

Creating better experiences

Working side by side with designers and digital professionals and helping them in exploring more Responsible choices. 

Unlocking self-reflection

Mentoring and coaching individuals and teams in their self-exploration of ethics and responsibility.

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