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I support people, individually or in teams, integrating Responsible Design in their thinking and working.

multicolor flower
Cecilia Scolaro
frame made of leaves

Where do designers go when they want to do better?

There is a lot of talking about sustainability, regeneration, diversity and inclusion, wellbeing.

How to make these principles come alive in your design, in your team, in yourself?


I support people shifting their mindset and practical daily work towards a positive, responsible impact on the environment, collectivities and individuals. 

Responsible Design starts from the small things...

It starts from observing the little things, the tiny decisions that we take on a daily basis, the names we give to things, the metaphors we use to understand and explain the world around us.

Digging deep we can uncover bigger questions.

Where does the word user come from? What do we call design? Why do we follow a linear design process?

illustration of seeds
A thriving garden with deep intertwined roots

…and it redefines everything

Looking for answers can bring to unexpected depths and revelations. In the process the whole nature of Design and the reason-to-be of the designer may transform to an unrecognizable shape.

Becoming a Responsible Designer may require to unlearn to be a Designer to a certain extent.

​With freedom to re-design everything and a re-discovered power, your design will regenerate, bring equity and respect in the small and large expressions of your work.​

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