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My work focuses on empowering individuals in bringing regeneration, equity and respect into the daily choices required for their businesses, products, designs. ​

The journeys I design are aimed to inspire and move them, teach them theories and tools, guide them in unlearning harmful practices, support their design creations and create space for self-reflection and discussion.

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A course of 20 hours designed for university students to get introduced to all theoretical, methodological and practical applications of Responsible Design.

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In company

A 6 months journey for a team to be guided through inspiration, learning, unlearning, self-reflection and practice of Responsible Design.

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An online course to get introduced to the theories, methodologies and examples of Responsible Design and connect with other like-minded individuals.

Education content

Courses differ depending on the context and the participants but they are usually structured in three modules.

For each module the participants get a theoretical introduction, design methodologies and the opportunity to apply Responsible Design in practice.

1 / Design for regeneration

  • Harms on the environment and emergence of post-growth models

  • Mindsets of Ecocentrism, system thinking, emergent strategy and regeneration

  • Regenerative Design,  Life Centered Design, Circular Design, biomimicry and other design methodologies

  • Sustainable Web Design and low carb design

2 / Design for equity

  • Privilege, bias and intersectionality 

  • Mindsets of diversity, equity, decolonization, emergent strategy

  • Principles of accessibility, Inclusive Design, Design for equity, co-design, Design Justice, trauma-informed design and other design methodologies

3 / Design for wellbeing

  • Dark Patterns 

  • Privacy and fundamental human rights

  • Online misuses and abuses

  • Ethical design, Trusted design, Calm Tech, digital wellbeing and other design methodologies



Logo IED, istituto europeo di design

The Responsible Design course is part of the Master in User Experience Design program offered by the Istituto Europeo di Design (IED) in Milan, Italy.

The course aims to introduce students to Responsible Design, both as theories and as practices

Through 20 hours in a time span of 4 months the students are invited to develop their critical thinking, discuss and explore what responsibility means for their work.

Principles of responsible design, inclusion, respect and regeneration are applied on how the lessons are held,  how the time and space is managed when we are together and how the students are invited to auto-evaluate themselves at the end of the course.

pictures of slides of the lessons
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In company


In 2023 I created and run the Responsible Design training for a design department of a large consultancy company. The team was composed of 16 senior members with skills ranging from strategy, design research, service design to UX to UI design.


We ventured through theories, methodologies and examples that will help them centering equity, regeneration and respect in their design practice and outcome.​

The journey we went through consisted of different modules. Some to inspire them and let them feel the importance of a responsible approach to design, some to teach them theories and tools and guide them in unlearning harmful practices, some to support their design creations and make space for self-reflection.​

At the end of this journey the team had gained a multitude of new perspectives and factors that can spark their creativity, make their work more meaningful and integrate a responsible mindset in everything they do.

this kind of knowledge should be the basis for designing everything. It opens our minds and makes us better understand aspects that we normally don't see.

Student at IED

I consider your course a real revolution, you had the courage to trust us students and involve us in dialogue and reflection.

Student at IED

I liked everything, from the teaching methodology to the topics themselves. Cecilia is very attentive to detail, professional and teaches providing interesting ideas and ways to apply them.

Participant in company training


I am working on an online version of my course, that people can take autonomously.

Would that be interesting for you? Would you like to share with me what you would appreciate from a course like that?


Logo All Tech Is Human

I mentor individuals that are pursuing their growth in design or responsible tech.

In 2022 and 2023 I have been a mentor within the All Tech Is Human mentorship program.

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